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About Kichuguu

Kichuguu.com is an online platform for industrialization and technology export support especially to nations new into industrialization like Africa, latin America and south east Asia.  

A platform which links machinery manufacturers, industrial engineers, industrial workers, industrial raw material suppliers and other industrialization stakeholders like governments and bankers

with owners of factories or people who want to start factories.




"Become the leading bridge in connecting industrialization stakeholders in the world,

we envision kichuguu to be the reference point to anyone who want to own a factory

worldwide and to become a starting point for industrialization for all nations." 




"To transform the way people buy machinery; To be, worry-free, guaranteed maintenance, and technology know-how shareable by

providing the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help all stake-holders in localizing industrialization worldwide." 


Inside Kichuguu

This platform consists of three interconnected main parts namely Buyers, Suppliers, and Listers.

  • BUYERS:- A buyer is someone who want to invest on manufacturing industry, machine based manufacturing. 
  • SUPPLIERS:- A supplier is a manufacturer of machinery, technology provider, consultants, government policy maker, bankers, and other stakeholders who facilitate manufacturing industry.  
  • LISTERS:- A lister is someone who uses this platform to list small related ads, like sellers of land for industries, experts and mechanics who are looking for employments, investors and managers who are seeking for workers, hostels, houses seller in area near industrial parks, and other industrialization related businesses.  



Kichuguu Observation on current problems

  • Too many suppliers who are not verified or organized
  • No (too scattered) information on the basic things.. it’s all about selling, quotes etc. No technology sharing..
  • No sustainability, too short warranties and very poor after sales services.
  • No one-stop solution for industrialization. 


Kichuguu Promises

  • All suppliers are verified and authenticated. 
  • All need-to-know details before buying a machine.   comprehensive information on how to set up a factory, government policies, raw material and other needed service all under  one roof.
  • Sustainability, buyers should worry only about production and marketing, kichuguu will handle logistics and warranties for lifetime. 
  • Speeding up technology export to Africa and other less advantage areas.


The Kichuguu Functionality